ZIM High Court Orders Grace Mugabe to Vacate Property she Occupied Illegally

By Web Master

Former Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe and her son Russel Goreraza have been ordered by the Zimbabwean High Court to leave three properties that they occupied illegally in 2016.

Grace occupied the properties over a diamond ring deal that went sour.

She had ordered a diamond ring from Lebanese diamond dealer Jamal Joseph Hamed and paid US$1,4Million.


She changed her mind and demanded her money back.

When the diamond dealer explained to her that the process of getting the ring ready involved three people and as such he needed time to get the money back, she illegally occupied his three properties.


She used her political clout to avoid court orders that rules in favour of the diamond dealer.

The dealer is now suing her for loss of revenue over the 16 months she occupied the properties.


The sherif went to the properties today and gave Grace’s people 48 hours to leave the properties.