Njoya Tembo’s wife jailed five years for savagely assaulting a minor

By Staff Reporter

Zambia Association of Musician president Njoya Tembo’s wife Brenda has been sentenced to five years simple imprisonment by the Lusaka magistrates’ court for what was termed savagely assaulting her 13-year old niece.

Senior resident magistrate Greenwell Malumani on Tuesday convicted Brenda for assault on a child after the prosecution proved the case beyond reasonable.

Magistrate Malumani said he was satisfied that Brenda on October 26, 2016 assaulted the niece, who is a double orphan, with a cooking stick for using a pressing iron which she was not allowed to use.

Passing sentence on Wednesday, magistrate Malumani said Brenda exhibited gross brutality on her niece and that she ought to have known the effect of her conduct.

“I will exercise leniency because she is a first offender. However, the convict savagely attacked the child. She ought to have known the consequences of her brutal behaviour. I therefore sentence you to five years simple imprisonment from yesterday (Tuesday) when you were convicted,” magistrate Malumani proclaimed.

He condemned the use of violence, saying such acts should not find their place in Zambia.

According to evidence on record, Brenda beat up her niece with a cooking stick, resulting in swells and bruises, and not a pressing iron as earlier alleged.

The doctor who examined the victim had confirmed the swells and bruises in the areas she showed to him.

The doctor had testified that Brenda must have used a blunt tool during the incident.

The court said the evidence was overwhelming and found Brenda guilty of the offence.

In her mitigation, Brenda begged for maximum leniency, saying she did not intend to harm her niece and that she was a mother.

After the verdict was pronounced, Brenda was led to Lusaka Correctional Facility commonly known as Chimbokaila while her relatives and sympathisers looked on, with others shedding tears.

Her husband was accompanied by a handful of musicians, among them B-Flow.

Tembo has openly aligned himself with the ruling Patriotic Front party, and has condemned satirical singer Pilato over his critical songs.