Mnangagwa has not won, insists Chamisa

By Staff Reporter

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance candidate Nelson Chamisa has maintained that his opponent President Emmerson Mnangagwa did not win Zimbabwe’s presidential vote and that he is the people’s victor.

During a post-declaration press briefing that was initially disrupted by the Zimbabwe Republic Police officers who dispersed journalists in Harare on Friday afternoon, an upbeat Chamisa described the declaration of Mnangagwa as the winner of the presidential vote as a coup against the people’s will.

“We are not accepting fake results. We are not accepting this fiction. We want the genuine results to be announced. We shall pursue all means necessary, legal and constitutional,” Chamisa said.

He said according to their collated evidence of the voting tally, the MDC-Alliance won the presidential vote by 56 per cent.

The official Zimbabwe Election Commission results allotted Mnangagwa 50.8 per cent and Chamisa 44 per cent.

“We won that election emphatically,” he claimed. “We don’t agree with their tally because their tally is a fraudulent tally.”

Chamisa said the will of the people could not be altered by the police or the army because they were not the voters but the people.

“The nation is divided…we are the majority party in this country. We are actually the party that should form government,” he continued. “For the people of Zimbabwe, wait for your moment. Your victory is coming… The will of the people shall at an appropriate time be confirmed in due time… Our percentage was actually 56 per cent.”

Chamisa, nonetheless, called the people to avoid violence and anarchy because for the MDC-Alliance, patience was a virtue.

He further said the behaviour of the ZANU-PF leadership was not of people that had won an election.

“Our figures that we have actually show that we won significantly. We won the majority vote. We won that election emphatically. Mr Mnangagwa did not win that election. It was won by the MDC presidential candidate,” Chamisa said. “It is unfortunate that the only thank you we are getting for being peaceful is bullets. We won this election and because we won this election we were ready to form government,” he said.

Chamisa said the will of the people was not in the declaration by [Zimbabwe Election Commission chairperson] Priscilla Chigumba.

“This election was fraudulent and illegal. If he is a man of integrity let him honour his pledge of a free and fair election by rejecting the results which are not in his favour,” said Chamisa. “I hope that Mr Mnangagwa is open to business, the business of transparency, the business of accountability.”