Chingola gang leader warned not to interfere with court process

By Staff Reporter
A magistrate in Chingola on Zambia’s Copperbelt has threatened to revoke the bail of a suspected gang leader who is in court over the jobless youths-led fatal violent fights related to illegal copper mining territories in the town.
Maxwell Kyamba, also known as Mohammed Kapandula or Tablet, appeared in court on Thursday on gang-related violence charges and trial in the matter was set to commence.
Kyamba is facing respective charges of assault and robbery.
However, the matter, which has raised a lot of interest in the mining town hosting one of Africa’s biggest copper mining interests, Konkola Copper Mines, could not proceed into trial as Tablet’s lawyer was absent.
“Maxwell Kyamba aka Mohammed Kapandula or Tablet appeared in the Chingola Magistrates’ Court for the commencement of trial but his case could not continue because his lawyer was absent,” police sources told Newsday Zambia. “However, prosecutors complained that he  has been interfering with witnesses  and the magistrate threatened to revoke his bail if she hears the same complaints from witnesses.”
The matter was then adjourned to July 18 for possible commencement of trial.
Meanwhile, the case in which Kabaso Mulenga a.k.a Baba Spax, another suspected Chingola jobless youths gang leader, is accused of assault seems to be going nowhere as no witness has been showing up at the court, police sources have revealed.
Over the last few months, gang-related violence has been sparked by rival camps of jobless youths who are fighting for a high-grade copper-rich slag dump known as Debra Mountain, so far a number of deaths have occured among the gang leaders.
The recent death was that of ‘Debra Richie’ who died from multiple degree burns sustained after members of a rival gang, who did not want him to start mining at his former ‘mine’, Debra Mountain, set his house on fire.