PF accuses UPND of politicising Mukata’s conviction

By Staff Reporter

The patriotic front has charged that it is aware that the opposition UPND wishes to bring to parliament a motion alleging bias by  Speaker Patrick Matibini for declaring the Chilanga seat vacant while retaining Munali and Lusaka Central.

In a statement PF media director Sunday Chanda said it was clear that UPND sought to conveniently politicise Mukata’s conviction, which fell under criminal law by raising Munali and Lusaka Central petitions.

Chanda stated that his party was not surprised that UPND had continued to pursue a clear pattern of sheer political opportunism.

“UPND have no sense of shame that they can pretend to care for Mukata after his conviction when it’s in public domain that they neglected him when he needed them the most. There have been serious allegations from different stakeholders, including Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba that UPND neglected and forsook Mukata at a time when he needed them the most,” Chanda stated.

“We know that UPND is under intense pressure from within and the public and would now wish to cleanse itself by now appearing to show concern in the matter involving Mukata. Yet it is clear that even with the planned motion against the Speaker’s ruling, their motivation is not Mukata’s well-being but the Chilanga seat which they know if subjected to an election would go to the ruling Patriotic Front.”

Chanda reminded UPND that the public was aware that the opposition party had never forgiven Mukata for refusing to walk out when President Edgar Lungu addressed a special session of the National Assembly.

“It is therefore hypocritical of the UPND to pretend they now care when their concern is the seat and not the person. They do not have the morality to raise any motion in the case of Mukata’s conviction even if there was any. They should let others do so even if that was to be the case,” stated Chanda.

“This is the same fishing expedition UPND has continued exhibiting in their quest to get to power through the back door. Clearly, UPND has been busy swinging like a pendulum, as they jump from calling for President Lungu’s impeachment in one breath, to calling for early elections in another, including wanting the President Lungu to resign. We do not believe an opposition party with such levels of desperation and fishing for relevance the wrong way should be taken seriously,”