Zambian Poacher Sentenced in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter

A SUSPECTED Zambian poacher who was shot by Zimbabwe wildlife rangers was last week sentenced to seven months imprisonment for being in possession of ammunition and dangerous drug used for poisoning animals.

William Tembo (25) of Bauleni Compound in Lusaka appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Rangarirai Gakanje on Thursday after he was arrested by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority for unlawful entry and hunting.

Tembo was sentenced after pleading guilty to the offence of entering Zimbabwe through an unofficial point of entry with no travelling documents, together with 14 other accomplices who are still at large.

Rangers and police who were on patrol in Katombola Safari around 11:00am spotted Tembo with his other armed accomplices hunting and this led to a shootout.

Tembo, who was shot on the left leg, ran off was tracked and found in possession of 20×365 rounds of ammunition and a rifle.

In mitigation, Tembo said he had been hired to commit the offence, but could not reveal the name of the person who contracted him.

For possession of a dangerous drug, he was given four months imprisonment with one month suspended for five years, for hunting and unlawful entry and possession of a rifle he got three months – wholly suspended.