Two Lusaka men sentenced to death for murder

By Staff Reporter

TWO Lusaka men of Kanyama compound have been sentenced to death by the High Court for killing a man whom they also robbed of personal effects and a phone valued at K1,690.

Lusaka judge Mwila Chitabo said when sentencing Joe Chama, 28, and Given Mulauzi, 31, to death that the wages of sin was death.

Chama and Mulauzi charged with murder and aggravated robbery killed Charles Zimba, 40, between July 14 and July 15, last year.

They killed Zimba after robbing him of his cell phone, a coat, a pair of jean trousers and a pair of canvas before killing him.

The judge also slapped the duo with 15 years imprisonment with hard labour and informed them that no appeal lies against a minimum mandatory sentence.

According to evidence on record, Chama and Mulauzi attacked and killed Zimba near a communal tap in Kanyama by hitting him with a stone, stole his clothes before leaving him dead and naked with only a boxer short.

Astrodah Sinkala who was one of the prosecution witnesses and resident of Kanyama narrated that on July 14 last year, he was coming from a place known as Mbasela within Kanyama area at around 22:00 hours and headed to her home, she found someone being beaten.

She testified that for fear of being attacked also, she hid in flowers near the scene where the deceased was being beaten and she saw the assailants clearly using lighting from nearby houses.

She had told the court that she did not recognise the man who was attacked but identified the two assailants whom she knew for two years.

Sinkala had testified that she saw Mulauzi pick up a stone and hitting the deceased on the back of his head and overheard one of them saying; ‘we can now leave him since we have dealt with him’.

She narrated that after a while, she started off for her home and met Chama and Mulauzi with hanging clothes on their shoulders.

She said the duo asked her where she had left her baby and she told them it was home.


Sinkala said the following day, she heard about someone having been killed in the area and when she went to check, she discovered it was at the same point where she had seen Chama and Mulauzi beating a person.

She had told the court that later in the day, she met Mulauzi who warned her against disclosing what she saw.

Sinkala said Mulauzi continued threatening her whenever he met her until she reported the matter to the police.


After considering evidence before him, judge Chitabo found them guilty of both counts and convicted them.

He said;  “my hands are shackled by legislation which provides that I pronounce the capital death penalty for both accused persons and direct that the 1st and 2nd accused persons to hang by the neck until a medical doctor certifies they are dead”.

He also slapped them with 15 years imprisonment, which was the minimum mandatory sentence prescribed by the law.