NDC member arrested as Kambwili arrive at Luanshya police 

By Staff Reporter

Police in Lusaka has also arrested National Democratic Congress Lusaka district youth chairperson Andrew Katonta after allegedly being assaulted by senior police officers.

And speaking to newsdayzambia.com NDC national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita said Katonta believed to be detained at Kabwata police was arrested in the morning by the Lusaka police but no charges had been proffered against him.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that Katonta was assaulted by some senior police officers as they were trying to arrest Kambwili at the police headquarters.

“Very senior officers assaulted him (Katonta), he sustained a cut on his head before they took him to the cells at Kabwata police,” one witness who sought anonymity said. “Katonta was trying to speak to Kambwili and this did not go well with them”.

Kabwita said Katonta remains in police custody.

“I can confirm with you that our Lusaka district chairperson has been arrested and we have not yet been availed with the charge,” said Kabwita.

Meanwhile, Kabwita has confirmed that NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili has arrived in Luanshya and the questioning was underway by 15:00 hours at Luanshya central police station.

In the morning, Kambwili had been arrested in Lusaka and bundled in a police vehicle to Luanshya, about 350 kilometres.

Police nabbed the Roan PF member of parliament at police headquarters where he had gone to lodge a complaint against Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga for ‘abusing her authority’ by insisting that he appears before police in Luanshya when he had requested a deferment due to court commitments in Lusaka.

Later during a media briefing deputy Inspector General of Police for administration, Eugene Sibote said Kambwili had availed himself to the police in Lusaka who felt ‘duty bound’ to send him to the station where he was facing charges.

“…. When a person commits a crime and avails himself or herself to the police other than where he or she is required to appear, such a person is arrested and conveyed to the Police Station where he or she is required or alleged to have committed the crime,” he explained.


Sibote has further confirmed that Kambwili has been apprehended and conveyed to Luanshya Police Station where he was summoned to appear and answer to the charges of unlawful assembly when he met  Avic international workers who complained to him of poor working conditions at the Chinese construction firm.