US will not succeed in toppling Venezuelan govt – Pressure groups.

By Staff Reporter


Several international pressure groups have expressed solidarity with the legitimately elected Venezuelan government of President Nicholas Maduro accusing the U.S of planning to invade the country because of its insatiable greed of exploiting the rich oil reserves of independent states.

According to statements obtained by the Zimbabwean Communist Party (ZCP), The Socialists Forum of Ghana (SFG) and the International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS), have vehemently condemned the invasion of the Venezuelan government’s sovereignty.

In its statement, the ZCP politburo accused US government and its allies of having orchestrated similar schemes in sovereign countries like Iraq and Libya where they “stole their oil and murdered their leaders simply because they wanted to steal oil and are now targeting Iran and Venezuela”.

“On one hand, Donald Trump is busy with distabilising Latin American countries while on the other he is trying to raise money for a border wall to prevent those impoverished by the activities of the US government and its rich and reactionary friends from moving to the USA in the hope of a better life,” reads the statement in part, stressing that it is Ironic that  Trump was under-mining a democratically elected president like Maduro when his own election was questionable by the entire civilised world.

“It is not an accident that the USA is a close ally of Saudi Arabia and other backward monarchies on the Arabian Peninsula and that it is this association with the Saudi based Wahabi sect which has led to Jihadist terrorism in the Middle East, including against Christians despite the fact that the USA is a Christian country. The reason for this alliance can be summed up in one word… Oil” it reads.

And adding his voice of solidarity on the matter SFG convener George Kanzoni advised President Trump to take the warning of his Russian counterpart  Vladmir Puttin seriously, that his adventures in Venezuela can only lead to blood bath.

“In our view, what Trump is attempting to do in Vernezuela today is not substantially different from the overthrow of the Nkrumah government on February 24 1966 by the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA. The assassination of the Congolese nationalist leader, Patrice Lumumba and the bloody over throw of the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile” he said.

He warned that the pro imperialists anti Venezuelan force both within and without the country cannot defeat the Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Hugo Chavez because it is deeply rooted in the broad aspirations of the masses.

“As far as we are concerned, only the people of Venezuela have the right to elect their own leaders as they did in a free and fair election where they gave president Maduro 67 percent of their votes,” Kanzoni said.

And ILPS Chairperson Maria Sison also accused the US of waging a campaign of destabilisation against the Maduro presidency by imposing sanctions, freezing the assets of Venezuela abroad and threatening a coup d’état and military intervention by the US and its puppets in the organisation of American States.

“But the people of the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela, especially the workers and other toilers continue to be inspired by Chaverismo and follow the courageous leadership of Maduro in defence of national sovereignty, democracy and peace. The armed forces and police of Venezuela have reaffirmed their loyalty to President Maduro and have successfully acted against a minor military mutiny,” she said.

Sison said  the masses have thronged the cities of Venezuela to express their support for their president and condemn the US puppet Gauido and his US imperialist master “they are ever ready to resist with arms and any serious coup attempt or foreign military intervention” she said.

“Gauido is merely a stooge of US imperialism and representative of the ultra- reactionaries of Venezuela. We therefore hold the U.S the most responsible for his unconstitutional and undemocratic act and we praise and support President Maduro for breaking off diplomatic relations with the interventionist U.S government,” she said.

Meanwhile  Juan Gauido addressed his supporters in a media press briefing on Sunday, calling on them to demonstrate on Wednesday and Saturday against Maduro’s government before the US imposed deadline of Sunday for the latter to stepdown.