Trial in the Petauke obscene case commences

By Staff Reporter 

A 28 year old woman of Petauke’s Showgrounds area yesterday testified in the magistrate court how she unknowingly found herself in a video while sleeping half naked and another person playing with her private part.

Last month, a video went viral on social media in which a man was filming a naked and somewhat drugged woman, while playing with her private part.

28 year old Rodgers Mwanza has been charged with indecent assault on a female, contrary to the law.

Mwanza faces up to 14 years in jail if convicted.

Appearing as a state witness before resident magistrate Ackson Mumba yesterday, Elizabeth Lungu, a victim in the same obscene video, narrated that on August 24, she and her known friends had a braii at the Showgrounds from about 17:00 to 22:00 hours.

Lungu testified that she later decided to go into town to patronise some bars.

She further told the court that she also visited Chillers and Dreams night clubs where they were drinking alcohol while discussing how they would travel to Katete for the Kulamba Traditional Ceremony of the Chewa people.

Lungu said it was after a week that she started receiving calls from relatives and friends telling her that she was appearing naked in a video.

She told the court that she was unaware when the video was taken as she only identified herself in the video at Petauke police station after she was summoned to go and assist the police with investigations into the matter.

Lungu said all she remembered was that on August 25 around 05:00 hours she went to visit her other friend Dominic Banda who later took her to his friend house, Rodger Mwanza to sleep and rest.

She submitted that she was tired as she had been drinking the whole night and only woke up around 07:00 hours the same day.

Lungu said she could not remember when she was being filmed naked.
Another witness, Esaya Zimba aged 27 also of Petauke told the court how he watched the same obscene video two months ago and told the police at Petauke police station that the voice in the video sounded like that of his friend, Rodger Mwanza but instead, his other friend Dominic Banda was the one in police custody.

Trial continues.