Incest accused’ denies knowing husband as biological brother

By Staff Reporter


A WOMAN who is married to her biological brother has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that she did not believe her mother’s statement that her husband is a brother.

Mirriam Hara said this in her defence in a case in which she is jointly charged with Alivad Mumba for incest.

Allegations in this case are that Mumba and Hara between 2014 and October 6, 2018 in Lusaka had carnal knowledge of each other knowing that they were siblings.

Testifying in defence before magistrate Faides Hamaundu, Hara said she did not believe her mother’s testimony in court that the man who married her is her brother.

She said on a date she could not remember, she went to Chongwe clinic where she met Mumba.

Hara said she asked for water to drink from Mumba and they started conversing.

She said she asked Mumba if he was married to which he answered in the affirmative.

Hara said Mumba told her he had four children but that his wife was not always home because they quarrelled a lot.

She said they started communicating and Mumba proposed love to her and she accepted.

Hara said after some days, she moved out from her brother’s house in Chinyunyu, Chongwe area to live with Mumba.

She said she started taking care of his four children from his first wife and performed marital duties.

She said later in 2013, she fell pregnant for Mumba and delivered the child in 2014 alone at home.

Hara said she did not know that Mumba was her brother and her mother never informed her that Mumba was her brother.

And Hara narrated to the court how a group of people went to their house and accused her of being a prostitute and threatened to kill her.

She said one lady from the same group that attacked her had a knife and threatened to stab her.

Hara said the same woman spat on her and cursed her that she would die due to suicide while other people beat her and damaged her eye.


She said when the police arrived at the scene, they picked her husband and ordered her to stay home for her safety but that after some days, she was also apprehended.


Hara said at the police station, she was forced to admit things she did not know and was made to sign the statement without knowing what she was signing for.

Two weeks later, Hara  and Mumba’s mother Enala Mwanza, 57, a farmer of Petauke said she had eight children who included the two accused persons.

She had told the court that Mumba and Hara were born from different fathers and left the village in 1997 and 2012 respectively.

Mwanza said ever since her children left the village, she only came to see them when she was informed that they were apprehended by police and charged with incest.

Cross examining her mother, Hara asked her whether she had told her that she had a son by the name of Alivad Mumba, Mwanza said she did not inform her.

She had also told the court that Mumba and Hara never met as siblings.

Mumba had also testified that he did not know that Hara was his sister.

Judgment in the matter has been reserved to May 31.