MMD convention that elected Mutati was illegal, testifies witness

By Staff Reporter


A WITNESS has told the Lusaka High Court judge that the convention which Felix Mutati and others held in 2016 was illegal.

Copperbelt MMD provincial chairman Dennison Chisunka testified before judge Sharon Newa since Mutati’s convention which ushered him and others was illegal, it follows therefore, that all the decisions and resolutions made on the day are illegal and the court should nullify them.

He asked judge Newa to order the Registrar of Societies to replace Mutati and his team on the list of office bearers and restore the original list consisting of Nevers Mumba as president and others.

In this case, MMD acting national secretary Winnie Zaloumis sued faction president Mutati, Raphael Nakacinda, Mwansa Mbulakulima and George Kangwa.

Zaloumis wants the court to declare that the convention which Mutati and others held in 2016 was illegal and should be nullified.

And Chisunka told the court that the notice to hold a convention which Mbulakulima issued and signed was illegal because there was no national executive committee (NEC) meeting convened.

“Article 14 (2) of the MMD constitution states that only the NEC has power to sanction the convention one month prior to the convention,” Chisunka said.

“It’s only the NEC that has power to call a convention.  Not even the president nor the national secretary has the power to call a convention.”

He further said the people that called for the 2016 convention were expelled members of the party.

Chisunka added that the expulsions were contested but the court confirmed them.

“The person who signed the notice Felix Mutati was not an MMD and Mbulakulima was suspended from the party.  Nakacinda was also suspended in 2016. The other defendant George Kangwa was expelled in 2014. Therefore, when you consider the team that called the convention is a team of illegal men. What these men did was illegal and remain illegal,” testified Chisunka.