DEC investigate disappearance of cocaine at judiciary

By Staff Reporter

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) is investigating the disappearance of 24 kilogrammes of cocaine in the custody of the judiciary.

Judiciary and Allied Workers Union of Zambia (JAWUZ) president Peter Mwale has raised concern over the disappearance of the drugs meant to be an exhibit in an active matter.

In a statement, DEC public relations officer Theresa Katongo said the judiciary management had reported the missing exhibits to the police and her commission would charge and prosecute the offenders with trafficking in illicit drugs.

“In that regard, it is the commission’s mandate to investigate such a case without fear or favour, including summoning any officers connected to the alleged theft in order for them to be cleared or eventually arrested and presented to court for the due process of the law to take its course,” said Katongo

Katongo said the commission would only issue a comprehensive statement once investigations were completed.

“We call on Mr Mwale to exercise restraint and portray behaviour befitting a leader of judicial officers by avoiding to peddle such unfounded allegations. The Drug Enforcement Commission operates on an open-door policy and members of the public, including the JAWUZ president, are free to come forward with any information they might have regarding the disappearance of the drugs in question or the people involved in the crime,” she said.