Lusaka mother gets death sentence for killing her children

By Staff Reporter

THE Lusaka High Court has sentenced to death by hanging a mother who killed her two children by poisoning them with doom pesticide.

Miriam Mulenga, 28,  unemployed killed her children Mwiche Nakazwe,5, and Dawson Sikazwe aged one year nine months on January 24, 2017.

A bottle of doom insecticide was picked from the couple’s bedroom with some of the substance which tested positive for doom pesticide.

Mulenga pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and explained that her husband caused her to behave in such a manner because of the way he was treating her.

It was heard that Mulenga gave her three children doom but only one survived.

Mulenga also took the pesticide and was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital but she survived.

Delivering judgement, High Court judge Gertrude Chawatama found Mulenga guilty  of murder and pronounced a death sentence on her.

She said Mulenga knew very well that administering doom on the children would
result in their death.

Judge Chawatama rejected the suggestion that Mulenga was insane at the time she committed the offence and agreed with the outcome of the results that she was not.

She said the prosecution, who called five witnesses to testify in the matter, proved the case beyond any reasonable doubt that Mulenga administered the poison with a view to kill the children.

She said although Mulenga administered poison which resulted in the death of the children, she did not express remorse or any other emotions but only blamed the husband for being the cause.

Judge Chawatama said the evidence of the prosecution was not challenged by Mulenga as she elected to remain silence in her defence.

The judge said if at all Mulenga was going through  marital problems, she had an opportunity to confide and share the same with her colleagues but she only decided to do so after she had administered doom to the three babies including the one who survived.

“There is no doubt in my mind that on that fateful day, the accused caused the death  of Mwiche Nakazwe and Dawson Sikazwe by administering poison to the two children by not only endangering their lives but  also causing death,” judge Chawatama said.

She sentenced her to to death by hanging until she is pronounced dead.

Speaking after judgement, Mulenga’s husband, Chishala Sikazwe, said she deserved the death sentence.
He said although he had forgiven Mulenga, his children would not be brought back.