Zambian businessman arrested for illegal consultancy 

By Staff Reporter

The Department of Immigration has arrested a Zambian businessman for illegal consultancy.

In a statement to the media immigration public relation officer Namati Nshinka said Edgar Ngoma (48) of Kabangwe, Lusaka, was arrested on Tuesday on allegations that on dates unknown but between 1st January and 11th February 2019, did conduct illegal consultancy when he lodged an application for change of employer for an Employment Permit belonging to a Pakistani national, when he is not a registered immigration consultant.

Nshinka said Ngoma has been charged with the offence of engaging in illegal consultancy, contrary to section 47 as read with section 56 (1) of the Immigration and Deportation Act number 18 of 2010 and will appear in court soon.

He said the Department of Immigration remained alert and would arrest and prosecute those who think they can get away with illegal consultancy.

“Only registered immigration consultants and practicing lawyers can legally represent a third party on an immigration matter. Human Resource practitioners employed in organizations are also legally permitted to submit applications for immigration services, exclusively for and on behalf of their organizations. I wish to advise anyone seeking any immigration service in Zambia to contact the Department of Immigration through the various platforms or engage a registered immigration consultant, to ensure that they are not taken advantage of,” said Nshinka

Meanwhile, Nshinka said the Department of Immigration between 8th and 12th February 2019 apprehended 99 persons for various offences countrywide.

He said of those apprehended, 53 were for the offence of unlawful stay, 27 for unlawful entry, and 15 for unlawful entry and stay. Lastly, two Zambians were arrested for aiding illegal immigrants and one other person for being outside a refugee camp and another for working without an immigration permit.

“During this period, the Department also secured 14 convictions, with the convicts receiving fines ranging from K 500 to K 6,000 or in default 3 months to 12 months simple imprisonment. These were four Congolese, two Tanzanians and one Burundese, convicted for unlawful stay. Those convicted for unlawful entry were one Motswana and one Congolese. Others were three Zimbabweans and one Tanzanian convicted for doing business without permits and one Filipino for engaging in employment without varying his Employment Permit,” he said.

He added that during the same period, the Department removed 33 illegal immigrants from Zambia and refused entry to four foreign nationals who failed to meet entry requirements for Zambia.