Lungu is not eligible to contest 2021 elections

By Staff Reporter


Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya has reiterated that President Edgar Lungu is not eligible to contest the presidency in the 2021elections.

And Bwalya who is former vice chairperson for elections in the ruling Patriotic Party disclosed that he had ambition of becoming president of the republic of Zambia.

Appearing on the Prime TV Oxygen of Democracy show on Monday night, KBF told the anchor Kalan Muchima that the current constitution did not allow President Lungu to go for another term of office once he completes the current one.

“I believe he cant stand, he has done two terms, he has been twice elected – thats what the constitution says and the interpretation of the constitution as far my little knowledge goes  of 30 years at the bar is that you interpret the constitution literally. You can’t go beating about the bush,” he explained.

KBF said President Lungu has so far contested elections twice and sworn in as head of state twice – in 2015 following the death of Michael Sata and 2016 general elections and that made him ineligible for another election.

He said under the current constitution only the vice – president could rule the country for more than 10 years if the sitting president died or was indisposed before completing his term of office.

Asked whether he harboured presidential ambitions, Bwalya said, “yes I do and there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with having ambition. Lets not smear people because of having ambition …… Edgar Chagwa Lungu is not wa muyaya (for life). I don’t think my president believe he should be there forever.”

On the controversial ‘gift’ of land President Lungu received from eSwatini construction company, Bwalya said the noble thing was to declare the donation.

Bwalya gave an example of State Lodge which was given to first republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda by businessman Andrew Sardanis but the latter surrendered it to the State.

“Mr. Sardanis gave state Lodge to the then Kenneth Kaunda.  Kenneth Kaunda in his wisdom said you have given me this as a gift but I am a President, I will give to the Zambian people. He was given in his personal capacity but he said I give it to the people

He said there was a leadership crisis in the government and Patriotic Front which needed to be healed.

“We are failing to provide leadership in very, very cardinal areas that are required both in government and the party, and thats what people are crying for – they are crying for effective leadership, they are crying for a committed leadership and we are not proving that,” Bwalya said.

He said the back stopped at the president who was the appointing authority to build a team that could inspire people.

Bwalya said there was a certain level of indiscipline in the party, which needed to be dealt with a lot of urgency.

He said some of the problems were historical but needed to be dismantled in good time before the next elections.




Commenting on the performance of the economy, Bwalya criticised the acquisition of loans without having capacity to pay back as this could only hurt the economy.

“Any loan that is not sustainable in terms of paying back is not worthy writing your ink on paper for, its dangerous,” he said.

Bwalya expressed concern that procurement and corruption had become so intertwined that those involved were doing it openly.

He said public officials were selling information to foreigners to compete for government tenders.

“The economy cannot improve when we have such glaring inequality, such glaring indiscipline in the civil service. There is no accountability by anybody in the leadership because anyone think as long as it suits them its fine,” Bwalya said.

He said the economy was in a bad state to an extent where politicians could not discipline public service workers because they were in the same business.

Bwalya also disclosed how Tutwa Ngulube and Sikwana managed to prepare court documents to stop the PF parallel convention in Kabwe in 2015 following the death of President Sata. Bwalya said although judge Chali did not sign the documents, he advised they be signed by now Constitutional Court judge Mungeni Mulenga on the night.

He said Judge Mulenga woke in the wee hours to go and sign the injunction to stop the group led by vice president Dr Guy Scott from going ahead with the convention to elect the presidential candidate.

“By quarter to seven in the morning, I was handing over the injuction to the president and I said this is the injunction you wanted. The president said it has to be taken to Kabwe now,” he said.