Luanshya Police Summon Kambwili

By Staff Reporter

Police in Luanshya on the copper belt have summoned opposition National Democratic Congress 2021 presidential candidate Chishimba Kambwili for questioning.

Dr. Kambwili has been summoned to appear at Luanshya central police station on Thursday November 29, 2018.

This is according to a call out served on Dr. Kambwili’s lawyers.

On Monday, Dr. Kambwili disclosed that police were planning to arrest him on trumped up charges.

And opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has challenged Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo to explain to the Zambian people why he has personal interest  in the dealings and operations of AVIC international, a company owned by Chinese investors.

Speaking in a statement released to News day today, NDC youth Chairman Charles Kabwita says the Minister should not be in a habit of threatening citizens who speak against the Chinese ill-treatment.

“Kampyongo should stop personalizing public projects unless he justifies how personal they are to him. The Minister should tell the nation what he is getting from AVIC by warning the NDC leader and area member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili to stay away from ‘his’ projects” he said.

He said the recent threats by the Home Affairs Minister to deal with Kambwili should be treated with the contempt they deserve and warned him that the NDC youths would defend their leader from any threats of arrests on tramped up charges.

“My youth’s leadership country wide is studying and analyzing the intention of Kampyongo and his government. What honorable Kambwili is doing is giving checks and balances to the PF on their promises in the manifesto which promises to put ‘more money in the pockets’ and providing more jobs for the people. If jobs are created let them give more money and job security to the workers. In a normal country, the minister would have been appreciating the area MP for carrying out the necessary checks and balances” he said.

He warned that the NDC youths were ready to ‘face the bullet’ from the police if they threatened to arrest their leader and advised them not to be used by selfish politicians who only had a limited five year term of office.

“Our police should never accept to be robots but always uphold their etiquettes, ethics and professionalism. We the youths of the NDC would like to assure the Zambians that they should be encouraged to speak for their well-being without fear” He said.

He made the remarks in reaction to an audio recording where the Home Affairs Minister is heard arguing with the NDC leader over the bad treatment that AVIC workers have been subjected to at the hands of their Chinese superiors in Luanshya.

Kampyongo is heard threatening Kambwili that “he will sort him out if he wants to interfere with the ‘his’ AVIC police housing project” in Luanshya whilst Kambwili is heard challenging the minister to arrest him for treason if he is unhappy with his giving the workers a ‘listening ear’.

AVIC international workers in Luanshya recently marched to honorable Kambwili’s house where they logged in several complaints of bad treatment at the hands of their Chinese employers who subjected those to unaccounted for long working hours, abusive language and engagement without contracts among other abrogation’s.

Over 300 Avic international workers constructing houses for Ministry of home Affairs and Zambia correctional services in Luanshya yesterday marched to area member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili in protest and demands for better conditions of service and contracts.