Court business superior to police action – Mikalile

By Staff Reporter


LUSAKA magistrate court has condemned the conduct of police to deny Chishima Kambwili chance to appear in court when there is an order for him to do so.


But presidential press aide Amos Chanda defended the police action saying they were justified to arrest and transfer Kambwili to Luanshya where he is this afternoon appearing for unlawful assembly.


Magistarte Mwaka Mikalile said court business comes first and the Roan PF member of parliament should have been allowed to appear before her.


Magistrate Mikalile said her court will not condone the behaviour of the police in future. Kambwili was today expected to appear before a magistrate court in a matter in which he is facing charges of forgery and altering false documents.


Speaking on Hot FM breakfast show this morning, Chanda said the arrest of Kambwili should not fuel tension in the country as police judgement on the matter was right.

“Sometimes the police will arrest you straight away if they think that they need to forestore any further danger to society if they think that you are breaking the law and that if they think that the procedure will take a process of a callout, interviews, warn and caution without necessarily arresting you like in this case, they will do so,” Chanda explained.


He said the NDC leader was detained because he was trying to challenge the police by lodging in a complaint about their senior officer,  instead of reporting himself when he was summoned to appear before them.

“A flight to the copperbelt is only 45 minutes, He could have flown to Ndola on Wednesday, appear at Luanshya police on Thursday then fly back to Lusaka in the evening in time for him to appear in the Lusaka court on Friday morning. Besides, you cannot tell the police what to do. He has lawyers, if he is detained in Luanshya, the lawyers have the right to tell the courts why he will not appear,” he said.


He also added that Kambwili had been issued a callout but instead  went in the face of the police to go and tell them off that he could choose a time when to go to the police.


“In case he was arrested for that matter, the operations of the police is such that, am in court with Kambwili myself for resistance, if my court case is on the 19th of December and on the 18th police want me for a suspected crime am not going to freeze them out. My lawyers will go and tell the court that am in police custody that’s why am not appearing there,” Chanda Said.


Police in Luanshya have formally arrested and charged NDC leader Kambwili  for unlawful  assembly.

And police have denied Kambwili police bond saying only a senior civil servant must sign for him.


Kambwili’s  lawyer Evaristo Mukonka said the NDC  leader  will appear in Luanshya  magistrates  court  this afternoon.

Kambwili was nabbed at police headquarters in Lusaka yesterday.