Judge Nkonde acquits M’membe, Nchito to help Mosho in illegal liquidation of Post

By Tebuho Sakala, January 5, 2018

HIGH Court judge Sunday Nkonde has acquitted Dr Fred M’membe and others to help lawyer Lewis Mosho complete the illegal liquidation of Post Newspapers Limited.

Judge Nkonde has dismissed with costs an application by Mosho, the Post Newspapers Limited provisional liquidator, in which he wanted Dr M’membe, Nchito and Nchito and Rowena Zulu to be committed to prison for contempt of court for allegedly refusing to furnish him with a catalogue of assets and properties of the shut newspaper.

Last week when the matter came up on December 28 despite law firms being on break, Dr M’membe wrote Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima, complaining that it was clear judge Nkonde’s actions were calculated to remove the issue of contempt from the record so that he could proceed with the ‘ex parte’ liquidation sought.

And today, judge Nkonde has dismissed the contempt case against Dr M’membe and others.

Dr M’membe, in his letter to the chief justice, further foresaw an attempt to conclude the liquidation via a consent order to legitimise the illegal sale of company assets which Mosho was engaged in as provisional liquidator.

Again, Mosho has filed the consent before judge Nkonde, awaiting signing.

Dr M’membe had previously alerted the Chief Justice of the risk of a Consent Order being signed before judge Chali to quash the decision of the Judicial Complaints Commission which found judge Nkonde with a prima facie case of judicial misconduct.

This prediction was subsequently  proved correct as judge Nkonde obtained a consent order from judge Chali, which he is using to assist Mosho to illegally liquidate The Post./ Mast Nespaper