Maiko asks President Lungu to free all Marijuana convicts on May 25

By Staff Reporter


Maiko Zulu has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to decolonise Zambians’ minds by releasing all those serving jail sentences on cannabis-related offences following the government’s idea to legalise Marijuana for medicinal and industrial use.


Zulu, a Rastafarian musician and political activist, made the appeal in a statement posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday.


“Following the timely realisation by the Zambian government on the need to legalise Marijuana for medicinal and industrial use, we would like to humbly request the Republican President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu through the Hon. Minister of Home Affairs and the Commissioner General of Prisons to consider releasing all the Marijuana detainees and convicts unconditionally on Africa Freedom Day,”  Zulu stated. “We believe that it is time we began decongesting the prisons and also begin to look at Marijuana as a psycho-social and health matter as opposed to a criminal one.”


He said African freedom was “about decolonisation of our minds and reversing some of the colonial laws, which include the criminalisation of a natural God-given herb”.