Katete man jailed for two years for manslaughter

By Staff Reporter


A man of Katete district has been sentenced to two years imprisonment for manslaughter.

Appearing before high court judge Mwamba Chanda who is conducting a criminal session in Chipata was Andford Phiri charged with one case of manslaughter contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Facts of the matter are that Phiri did cause the death of Edward Mbewe on February, 19, 2017 after a misunderstanding.

The duo met during a neighbourhood health committee meeting which was chaired by Phiri while Mbewe was the vice.

Phiri later suggested that a report that was written be submitted to Chilasa Clinic but Mbewe was against the idea saying a quorum had not been formed.

They later engaged in a confrontation and started exchanging words before Phiri went to collect a stick at a nearby kraal which he used to hit deceased on the head.

Mbewe fell down and became unconscious and was later taken to St Francis Mission Hospital where he died the same day.

Phiri was arrested on March 1, and charged with one count of murder which was later reduced to manslaughter.
He pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted accordingly.

In mitigation, Phiri through Senior Legal Aid Counsel John Phiri asked the court to exercise maximum lenience as he was a first offender and was sorry for his actions as he readily pleaded guilty to the charge.

When passing judgement, Justice Chanda said she had considered what the convict said in mitigation and sentenced him to two years imprisonment with hard labour effective the day of his arrest.

She urged Phiri to take time and reflect on his anger management during the time he will be serving his sentence.