Hamaundu acquits Mutinta M’membe on charges of obstruction

By Staff Reporter


Lusaka magistrate Faides Hamaundu has acquitted Mutinta Mazoka M’membe after discrediting Zambia Police’s claims that she obstructed court officials who went to her home to execute a duly issued search warrant.


Magistrate Hamaundu was supposed to have delivered her judgment in the highly-publicised matter last week but it was moved to Monday as it was not ready.


Mutinta was alleged to have obstructed the state agents that were executing a search warrant at her Lusaka residence in Rhodes Park area in February 2017.


When the matter came up for judgment this morning, Mutinta, wife to the Socialist Party’s 2021 presidential candidate, Dr Fred M’membe, was in attendance to hear the verdict.


Mutinta, who was being represented by Nchito and Nchito Legal Practitioners, had decided to remain silent and never called any witnesses.


Passing judgment, magistrate Hamaundu decided to acquit Mutinta on account that the state had not provided sufficient proof to show that she had obstructed the executors of the search warrant.


The court noted that even the video evidence that the state wanted to rely upon does not show where Mutinta was obstructing the state agents.


She observed further that the state agents were allowed into the premises by a security guard.