Police’s attempt to re-arrest Mwaliteta, Sichomba aborted

By Staff Reporter


PLAIN-CLOTHED police officers yesterday attempted to re-arrest UPND Lusaka Province chairman Obvious Mwaliteta and his co-accussed after assuming that a magistrate has discharged them via a nolle prosequi.

But to the police’s surprise, Mwaliteta and James Sichomba had their case of being found in possession of offensive weapons adjourned to Monday and no nolle prosequi had been entered by the Director of Public Prosecutions so far.

Mwaliteta and Sichomba are alleged to have on March 27, 2019 at Kafue

jointly and whilst acting together had in their possession offensive

weapons or materials.

The offensive weapons are two improvised machetes, a metal hoe, a wooden pick handle, two stones and a knife without lawful excuse.

Mwaliteta and Sichomba appeared before magistrate Alice Walusiku but the case was adjourned because their lawyer was not present.

Last week, High Court judge Sharon Newa declined to grant the DPP an application that the case be heard in Lusaka and not Kafue where the offences were allegedly committed from.

And yesterday, the State were supposed to make an application but could not do so as the accused persons lawyer Zevfyanji Sinkala was indisposed.

As Mwaliteta, his daughters and other sympathisers walked outside the courtroom after the case was adjourned, some plain clothed police officers approached him and ushered him into a police vehicle registration No. ZP 1701B white in colour, which was strategically parked waiting for him.

Mwaliteta’s children and party members protested against the police’s move and demanded to know where they were taking the former and Sichomba.

One of the officers said they were taking them to Kafue without explaining further.

After several minutes, some senior police officers contacted the team of officers that was taking the accused persons to Kafue to return them as their case was merely adjourned to Monday.

When the vehicle carrying Mwaliteta returned, a senior officer walked towards it and opened the door.

The senior officer told Mwaliteta to disembark and go home because his case was adjourned to Monday.