Police officer testifies against Zambeef Manager

By Staff Reporter

A Police Detective has given testimony in a matter where Choma Zambeef Branch Manager, Given Kantoolo is accused of stealing over K3, 500, a charge he has denied.

Detective constable Limbikani Zulu of Choma Central Police Station has told court that investigations revealed that only K29, 581 was deposited out of K33, 346 total sales for 10th August, 2017.

Another Cheque for K439 would later be deposited, and when asked about the difference, Zulu testified that the manager kept silent.

Zulu further told court that he gathered all information from the cashiers who were on duty that day.

The officer told the court that Kantoolo and a security officer from Amarguard were the sole custodians of two different keys for the Safe where money is kept before being deposited at the bank.

In cross examination, Zulu failed to show the court where the accused signed when the cashiers cashed in, further admitting that surplus cash resulting from customer tips is not property of Zambeef Zambia.

Magistrate Richard Chikalanga has since adjourned the matter to 30th May, 2018 for ruling while the accused remains on police bond.