64 year woman jailed three months over marijuana

By Staff Reporter
The Chipata magistrates’ court has sentenced a 64 year old woman of Chief Kapatamoyo’s area to three month’s simple imprisonment for trafficking in psychotropic substances.
Before magistrate Pauline Mulenga was Felistus Banda of Chilenga village who pleaded guilty to the charge.
According to the facts, on 18th December 2017, Banda trafficed in psychotropic substances namely 20 grammes of marijuana, without lawful authority.
Banda told the court that the marijuana was found in her house and that she wanted to put it in her child’s ear as a medication.
She agreed with the court that she had no authority to use the marijuana in such manner.
In mitigation, Banda said she was keeping two orphans and that her husband died sometime back.
But magistrate Mulenga said she considered what Banda said in mitigation and that she deserved leniency.
She said drug related offences were on the increase and slapped her with a three months jail sentence to deter would be offenders.
Magistrate Mulenga said the three months’ simple imprisonment was with effect from the day of arrest.