Man who killed wife, lover sentenced to death

By Staff Reporter


A MAN of Lusaka’s Meanwood area has been handed a death penalty by the High Court for shooting dead his wife and the man he suspected had a sexual relationship with her.

High Court judge Catherine Lombe Phiri found Peter Siwale guilty of two counts of murder.

Siwale on July 28, 2018 shot dead his wife Charity Namukobo who was a teacher and Andrew Chibeka after he suspected that the duo were in a sexual relationship.

Facts are that Siwale, who on the material day trailed Charity and Chibeka and found them kissing in a car, bundled them in a vehicle and drove them to the matrimonial home where he ordered his 10-year-old to get a gun from the bedroom before he shot them.

When police officers rushed to Siwale’s house, they found Charity and Chibeka murdered in cold blood.

In his defence, Siwale had told the court that where he trailed Charity and Chibeka, he saw the man fondling her as they also kissed which angered him.

When he took them to his house, during a discussion, insults were exchanged and Charity confessed that she committed adultery and decided to leave with Chibeka but he attempted to block them.

At that point, the deceased attacked him and according to Siwale, he got a gun and shot them in self-defence.

Delivering judgement in the case, judge Phiri dismissed the defence of provocation and self-defence, saying the killing of Charity and Chibeka was well calculated by Siwale.

She said Siwale failed to prove that there was provocation as required by law.

“The accused had sufficient time to borrow a vehicle and find a way of luring the two alleged lovers to his house where he knew he had a firearm that he would use to cold bloodedly execute his plans,” judge Phiri said. “There was sufficient time for the cooling of passion.”

The judge said Siwale had no legal justification to kill Charity and Chibeka and convicted him of murder.

Judge Phiri sentenced him to death until he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.