Mosho Demands 20% Payment From Post assets Auction Proceeds

By Staff Reporter

POST Newspapers Limited provisional liquidator and lawyer Lewis Mosho is demanding from the government two times the amount of money paid to the RDF Auctioneers who carried out a clandestine sale of the independent media company’s assets on behalf of the State last year.

Highly-placed Ministry of Health sources who were part of the committee constituted to auction the Post Newspapers Limited (In Liquidation), also said there was blatant disregard of laid down procedures required in such a government-spearheaded auctioning process as some of the buyers even grabbed assets that had not been earmarked for auctioning through the branding of the BOS letters.

“A lot of money was raised from that auction which was done by RDF Auctioneers, who usually carry out auctions on behalf of the government, but all this money has been taken by top government officials,” the sources that preferred to remain anonymous said. “RDF Auctioneers, according to the terms of the auction, were supposed to be paid 10 per cent from the proceeds realised from the sale of Post assets at both the Bwinjimfumu head office and the Lumumba one. RDF Auctioneers have since been paid their 10 per cent from the proceeds. However, this liquidator, Lewis Mosho is now demanding to be paid twice the amount paid to RDF Auctioneers. He is demanding that he should be paid 20 per cent from the asset sale proceeds.”

The sources further disclosed that although members of the auctioning committee drawn from various government ministries had already been paid K10, 000 each for the work done in offsetting the assets in question, some of them were shocked at Mosho’s outrageous demand.

“Some of the assets that people bought were not meant to be auctioned but some people who were there just grabbed items that did not even have a BOS mark on them,” said another source. “It is possible that some of the Post assets went away for a song or for free.”