High Court dismisses UNIP members petition against party leadership

By Staff Reporter

The Lusaka High Court has dismissed a case in which three expelled UNIP members were seeking a declaration that the top leadership’s continued stay in office was illegal, saying the court cannot intervene in the matters.

Jarious Chakulunta, Charles Lubasi and Mwansa Musunte wanted the court to rule that UNIP president Tilyenji Kaunda, his vice Njekwa Anamela and secretary general Kenneth Kaira’s prolonged stay in office was in violation of the party constitution.

But High Court judge Betty Mung’omba refused to make any declarations sought by the trio as there was no legal basis upon which she could grant the reliefs saying UNIP was a club governed by rules and regulated under the provisions of Societies Act.

Justice Mung’omba said the plaintiffs failed to prove their case on a balance of probability.

She dismissed all the claims for being devoid of merit.

The court has also ruled that the plaintiffs had no rights and privileges to participate in affairs of the party as they were expelled.