State advocate joins Mosho’s fight against M’membe

By Staff Reporter

Principal state advocate Fredrick Imasiku has also filed an order to dismiss veteran journalist Fred M’membe’s petition in the Constitutional Court.

In the matter, Dr M’membe, shareholder in Post newspapers Limited (in liquidation), has challenged the consent judgment signed by Lusaka High Court judge Sunday Nkonde, declaring the company insolvent.

The same judgment that was filed by Lusaka lawyer Lewis Mosho early this year, confirmed him as liquidator of The Post, and provided for winding up liquidation of the company.

Dr M’membe has also challenged judge Nkonde’s misconduct on the liquidation case in the same court.

Imasiku is next to a list of Mosho’s many agents that have fought hard to ensure that Dr M’membe does not get justice in the matter.

This is according to an affidavit dated March 27 in support of summons for an order to dismiss Dr M’membe’s petition.