Chadiza resident wants councilor arrested for defilement  


By Staff Reporter

Former Chadiza council chairperson has expressed disappointment with the local authority in the district for allowing a councilor facing the charge of defilement to attend a full council meeting.

Richard Zimba has since given Chadiza Council Chairperson seven days to respond and show cause why he should not be cited for abetting a crime and shielding a felony by allowing a councilor who is being sought by police to attend a meeting which he chaired.

In a letter to Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Chadiza Council Secretary and Chadiza Police Victim Support Unit, Zimba expressed his disappointment that PF Bwanuka Ward Councilor Paul Zulu being sought by police to answer charges of defilement was allowed to attend a meeting chaired by the council chairperson when he had not been cleared by police.

“The councilor knows the fact that the police have been looking for the said councilor as he was believed to have gone into hiding prior to the meeting that was held on November 29, 2018,” said Zimba.

Zimba reminded the council chairperson of his responsibility to protect the integrity of the institution by not allowing those facing criminal charges to enjoy certain privileges.

“The Council Chairperson knows the crime of defilement of a minor the councilor committed, and the case is of national interest as this was reported at Msupazi police post on 10th October, 2018,” he said.

Zulu has been on the run since he allegedly defiled a 14-year old girl of Jungu-jani village.

And by then, authorities at Chadiza district council expressed ignorance on the whereabouts of the councilor.