Kambwili’s sister testifies in Mwamoneni forgery case

By Staff Reporter
Chishimba Kambwili’s 35-year-old sister, Sampa, on Thursday testified in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant’s wife, Carol, had asked her to be one of the directors of Mwamoneni Engineering Services but that her name was later removed despite furnishing the necessary documentation.
This is in a matter where Kambwili, a PF member of parliament for Roan Constituency, is charged with three counts of forgery, uttering false documents and giving false information to a public officer.
Sampa Kambwili, a teacher in Chambishi on the Copperbelt testified before principal resident magistrate Kenneth Mulife that she was asked by Carol Chansa Chipande Kambwili to be one of the directors for the company but was later removed but her details still remain on record.
Other witnesses who have testified in the matter are Andrew Sampa, 49, of 5 Leopards Hill road, Woodlands, Lusaka, a driver at the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development who delivered documents to PACRA addressed to the registrar a Mr Bwembya, but didn’t know the contents of the parcel he had delivered.
Jacob Mwanza, 67, a mine engineer and famer of 9 Gunner Cycle Luanshya, who once worked at Mwamoneni and facilitated the partnership with Mopani Copper Mines in 2010, and the contracts are still running today, also testified.
He said he was approached by Chishimba Kambwili to work for Mwamoneni Engineering Services.
Patricia Phiri, 51, of plot 31/43 Chazanga Lusaka, an Assistant Registrar at National Registration, Passport and Citizenship Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and whose principal responsibilities are issuance, verification, investigate and approve applications to first applicants.
She said she also dealt with the documents of the accused person in the matter before court.
In her testimony during cross-examination led by defense counsel, Keith Mweemba, Phiri told the court there was no malice on the NRCs which  she was asked to investigate in October 2017 by the police as all the particulars were correct and belonged to the rightful owners.
She submitted that Mwamba Chishimba Kambwili also qualified to make an application for the said document.
The matter was adjourned to 27th September for continued trial.
In 2017, police went to search at PACRA and discovered that Kambwili had allegedly signed annual returns on behalf of his son who is the director at Mwamoneni Engineering, a company he claimed he had nothing to do with.
When Chilufya Tayali appeared as a witness in the matter, he said he was ready to testify in court with evidence of how Mr Kambwili opened bank accounts, signed contracts using his son’s name, collected money and never finished the projects.
Meanwhile, in a letter dated 30th April, 2018 addressed to the secretary of the Judicial Complaints Commission, Kambwili wanted magistrate David Simusamba to recuse himself from the matter due to what he described as perceived and actual biasness.