Ngwira apologises to 2 Supreme Court justices, Mutembo 

By Staff Reporter


PF sympathiser Chanoda Ngwira has apologised to Supreme Court judges Mumba Malila and Albert Wood for threatening them with criminal action after they accepted to give witness statements in the case in which Mutembo Nchito is challenging his dismissal as Director of Public Prosecution.

Ngwira has also apologised to Mutembo over his threats to the two judges.

The Constitutional Court last Friday ordered Ngwira to apologise to the two justices and Mutembo.


Ngwira in his letters addressed to justices Malila and Wood appealed to them to accept his sincere apology for the threats directed at them.

He stated that he had reflected on his conduct and taken full responsibility for his actions.

Ngwira stated that he hoped that the judges find it in their hearts to forgive him.


And in a letter addressed to Mutembo’s law firm Nchito and Nchito, Ngwira tendered his apology for the threats against justices Malila and Wood where he asked them to step down.

He stated that he would never interfere with the course and due administration of Justice.

Constitutional Court judge Palan Mulonda had also ordered Ngwira to publish the apology on all media platforms used to publish the alleged contemptuous material within seven days from the date of the ruling.


Mutembo had moved the court to cite Ngwira for contempt of court over the letters he wrote the judges because they accepted to give and actually filed witness statements in the petition.

In his witness statement, justice Malila stated that although one of the terms of reference for the tribunal that investigated Mutembo and recommended his removal as DPP included an allegation that he entered a nolle prosequi in the case of The People vs Dr Rajan L. Mahtani, no one consulted him before the tribunal was constituted.

He also stated that he was surprised that Mutembo was arrested in 2012 as a result of a nolle prosequi, which he entered in Dr Mahtani’s case when it was him, as Attorney General, who directed him to do so. Justice Malila stated that he, as Attorney General then, directed Mutembo to enter the nolle prosequi in the case of Dr Mahtani in which he was jointly charged with lawyer John Sangwa, State Counsel, after he sought guidance on how to proceed.

And judge Wood confirmed he was summoned to give evidence by the tribunal and confirmed his testimony, which was included in the Nchito bundle of documents. Arising from these witness statements, Ngwira wrote two letters threatening the judges with criminal proceedings if they fail to step down as Judges in five days.