SA court grounds Gupta private jet

A High Court in Johannesburg has ordered that a private jet belonging to the controversial Gupta family be grounded.

The Gupta family have a lease agreement with a Canadian credit agency, Export Development Canada (EDC), for a Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft.

EDC brought the application against the Guptas in a dispute on the lease agreement in a UK court relating to the jet valued at US $41m.

The request by EDC was for the court in South Africa to ground the plane until a final order was made.

The Gupta family have been accused of abusing their close relationship to former president Jacob Zuma in which they allegedly had undue influence over government officials for contracts.

They have always maintained their innocence, Zuma also denies any wrongdoing.

Monday’s court order said the plane, registered as ZS-OAK, must be parked at Lanseria airport north of Johannesburg and its tracking system be switched off./BBC