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Zambia cannot be said to free in the midst of poverty, Kalaba

By Staff Reporter FORMER foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba says Zambia cannot be said to be free when poverty, among many negatives, is still the underlining factor

Chingola Jerabos take gang fight to cemetery

By Staff Reporter Warring Chingola gangs fighting over 'illegal' copper mining territories in Chiwempala on Friday clashed at a local cemetery during the burial of a female teenager who

SAFTU not celebrating President Ramaphosa’s first 100 days

By Staff Reporter The South African Federation of Trade Unions says it is not joining in the euphoria over Cyril Ramaphosa’s completion of 100 days as President

Africa’s neo-liberal govts must be overflown- Ghana Socialist Forum

By Staff Reporter   The Socialist Forum of Ghana says it is regrettable that 60 years after that country started the process of Africa's decolonisation, the continent’s

Step into the ring, activist implores youths

By Staff Reporter Generational leadership takeover activist, Beck Banda, has urged young leaders to start talking about the evils of exploitation and recolonisation as they celebrate Africa

Catholics ready to mediate in political dialogue

By Staff Reporter   Zambia's Roman Catholic bishops say they are ready to be part of the leading team in the stalled 'dialogue' process between the ruling

Zambia is officially a Banana Republic, says Musukwa

By Staff Reporter   Zambia is officially a Banana Republic where criminals are being celebrated and rewarded for political opportunism, says social media political activist, Yona Musukwa.