Stop depending on capitalists – Pratt  

By Staff Reporter


Ghana Socialist Forum member and director at Pan African Television, Ama Pratt has called on Africans to stop depending on what he termed capitalistic solutions.

Speaking at a Founders Day to commemorate the works of Ghana’s first president Kwame Nkrumah’ Pratt said it was disheartening that Africans were always looking up to their former colonisers for help.

He said there was no better time than now to confront capitalists and defeat them.

“Let’s beging to believe in ourselves, to promote collective self-reliance. Whatthey are looking for is our resources; they don’t have but we have. So, we have the power to control our own resources; our own destiny,” said Pratt on Friday at the University of Education in Winneba.

“The situation in Ghana also has to change because we are the true owners of our land. As for all our brothers and sisters across Africa, this is the time to confront the enemy. We are resolved to fight, no force can quench us, no force can defeat us; victory is certain!”