Palestinians ready to draw daggers over Trump’s controversial Jerusalem declaration

By Staff Reporter

PALESTINIANS are ready to go to any lengths to defend Jerusalem, Hamas political bureau member Ezzet Resheq said in comments released on Wednesday, shortly after US President Donald Trump declared the occupied holy city as the capital of Israel.

According to a news release by the Palestinian Information Centre (PIC), Ezzet said Jerusalem was the eternal capital of the future Palestinian state and that the Palestinians will leave no stone unturned to protect their holy city.

“No force on earth, no matter how powerful it is, can impose a new fait accompli on Occupied Jerusalem. We have all means to respond to the recent declaration,” said Resheq who dubbed President Trump’s declaration as an aggression on the Arab and Islamic nations along with the world’s free people. “What has been built upon illegitimate foundations is just illegitimate. Israel will perish soon and Jerusalem will remain Palestine’s and Muslims’ eternal capital.”

The Israeli Resistance Movement leader pledged that protests would be staged across the occupied Palestinian territories and the region in response to the declaration.

Meanwhile, the PIC reports that a mass rally was staged overnight in Qalqilya overnight on Wednesday following President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the ‘self-proclaimed Israeli state’.

The protestors felt the declaration manifests the US’ racist agenda and biased position.

“Occupied Jerusalem will forever remain the rock that will smash all conspiracies,” yelled one of the rally-goers.

Another rally-goer said: “Occupied Jerusalem has been and will forever remain exclusive to Arabs, Muslims, and Christians.”

Activists and local organisations are staging a general strike today in response to that they call an intolerable transgression of all red lines by the Trump administration.

On Wednesday evening, President Trump formally recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, saying during his speech at the White House in Washington that he will move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, ignoring calls from other world leaders to backtrack on the move.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid glowing tribute to President Trump for taking the ‘historical’ decision but other global leaders promptly criticised the decision.