Africa’s neo-liberal govts must be overflown- Ghana Socialist Forum

By Staff Reporter


The Socialist Forum of Ghana says it is regrettable that 60 years after that country started the process of Africa’s decolonisation, the continent’s resources are still exclusively controlled and exploited for the benefit of giant global companies owned by a tiny elite.


In a statement to mark Africa Liberation Day, Yaw Appiah-Kubi stated on behalf of the Socialist Forum of Ghana’s Convener that May 25 is a day when progressive forces in Africa and globaĺly should re-dedicate themselves the the fight of decolonising the continent until final victory.


“African Liberation Day is the day that the People of Africa and our progressive allies across the world set aside to focus on the historical struggles, challenges and victories of Africans in our quest for equality, freedom, dignity, unity, and prosperity.  It is a day on which we pay tribute to the heroes of our historical struggles and re-dedicate ourselves to continue the fight until final victory,” the Socialist Forum stated. “The Socialist Forum of Ghana associates itself with Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah’s perspective that independence in one country is meaningless unless it is linked to the total liberation of all of Africa.    We therefore, note with shame that more than 60 years later, our brothers and sisters in the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) continue to suffer harsh Moroccan colonial occupation today.”


The SFG observed that Morocco’s crimes against the Saharawi people – blatant human rights abuses, outright theft of natural resources and the desecration of their national culture was an affront to the African revolution.


“More so because it is perpetrated by fellow Africans.  We call on all the AU, ECOWAS, African governments, and all our institutions to maintain pressure on Morocco to abandon its abuse of our people by maintaining its isolation and exclusion from all Continental and Regional bodies,” the statement reads.

“Osagyefo’s perspective has wider implications: African liberation too must be linked to the freedom and prosperity of all peoples all over the world.  We urge Africans across the continent and in the diaspora to join hands with all peoples facing colonisation, occupation, external aggression and brutal interference from the forces of imperialism. We extend our solidarity to the People of Palestine, of Venezuela, of Yemen, Cuba and Iran.”


The SFG further called for mass mobilisation that would culminate into the unseating of all neo colonial government regimes on the African continent.


“The SFG also notes with deep regret that more than 60 years after Ghana’s independence set the pace for accelerated decolonisation, Africa’s resources are still controlled and exploited almost exclusively for the benefit of giant global companies and the tiny global elite. Continental independence requires a framework in which we can develop our resources to realise our dreams of prosperous societies free from hunger, disease and conflict,” the statement reads in part. “The task ahead of the African people demands concerted efforts which can best be guaranteed within the framework of continental union government with a common defence strategy, common currency, common foreign policy and a strategy for full democratic economic and social integration. To this end, the SFG calls for mass popular mobilisation to unseat all neo colonial regimes on the continent to pave the way for the united government of African people under the banner of social justice for all.”


The Socialist Forum stated that the struggle for the total liberation of Africa must continue unabated.


“We salute the leaders whose sacrifices have brought us this far: Kwame Nkrumah, Ahmed Sekou Touré, Amilcar Cabral, Ben Bella, Samora Machel, and all those who stood side by side with the African Working Class,” they outlined. “The struggle for the total liberation of Africa continues unabated!”