11 Catalan pro-independence militants arrested by Spanish police

By Staff Reporter


THE Spanish police yesterday arrested militants of the left-wing independence movement among them mayors, days before the trials against the right to self- determination of the Catalan people.


Accoridng to a statement issued by the Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP) yesterday, 11 people from the movement had been arrested


“This morning, 16th January, the Spanish National Police Investigation Brigade (PNE) has arrested two well-known mayors of the CUP from the area of Girona, Ignasi Sabater from Verges and Dani Cornellà from Celrà, and so far, 9 more militants and activists. In total, 11 people,” reads part of the statement.

“This operation has no judicial mandate even though this morning PNE has said the contrary. The High Court of Justice of Catalonia has stated that there is no court order and that the operation answers to an initiative of the Investigation Brigade of PNE. This operation has been carried out without any priornotice or citation to the detainees”.


The statement further says the lawyers were not allowed access to the police station to speak with the detainees because they could not speak Spanish though they were eventually told to return 3 hours later.

“One of the members of the National Police Investigation Brigade that is carrying out the arrests is the aggressor of Jordi Borrás, photojournalist who mainly works to report the extreme right actions, and denounce it,” it stated.


According to the statement, the action was part of the debauched and repressive attitude of the Spanish state that had taken all the instruments at their disposal to criminalize and punish the independence project.


It stated that the violation of a collective right as the right to self-determination was getting a constant violation of civil and political rights at the individual level as well, a situation they could not tolerate anymore.

“Without any procedural or democratic guarantees, any judicial proceedings against the movement in defence of the right to self-determination must be challenged and denounced. This is going to be one of the political priorities of the CUP and the independence left movement,” reads the statement.

The CUP has also accused the state of authoritarianism and phobia to democracy and should be judged as such.


“We will call for demonstrations and concentrations together with other political, social and trade union organizations. We therefore call for solidarity because this infringement of rights affects all of us,” stated the CUP international relations office.