Drones, kites dominate Israeli/Palestinian war

THE future of protest warfare is on display in Gaza today with rival forces unleashing tear gas drones and Molotov cocktail kites as the deadly clashes intensify.

In one of the bloodiest days in the long-running conflict, Israeli troops have killed 41 Palestinians protesting the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Palestinians have used kites to drop Molotov cocktails on Israeli forces who responded by launching drones to unleash lung-burning tear gas on demonstrators in nightmarish scenes.

Israel has hired drone racers to knock the bomb-carrying kites out of the sky, reports Haaretz.

Amateur drone pilots have used fish hooks to intercept the floating Molotov menaces or simply fly through them, shredding their strings.

This comes as a kite, carrying what is believed to be a remote-operated bomb, landed in Israel after being launched from Gaza, in what is a disturbing first in the bitterly-fought war.

While the device appeared to be either a dud or a replica explosive, Israeli authorities consider the incident a terrifying new phase of so-called ‘kite terrorism’.

At least 41  demonstrators have been killed by Israeli gunfire amid huge protests along the border with Gaza today, according to officials.

Dozens more have also been wounded as demonstrators clashed with border guards on the same day the US embassy is controversially set to move to Jerusalem.

Black smoke from tyres burned by demonstrators rose into the air at the border, as activists tried to use the smoke as cover from snipers.

Masked protesters hurled stones towards the border fences as Israeli troops fired volleys of tear gas and live bullets back into the crowds.

Aside from the dozens killed – including a 14-year-old boy – more than 900 more have been wounded by Israeli fire, Palestinian health officials said.