Ghanaian activist calls for agrarian revolution

By Staff Reporter


GHANA’s General Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) former general secretary  Kingsley Ofei- Nkausah has called for an agririan revolution, which repossess land ownership and means of production into peasant farmers.


During a presentation at the ongoing 3rd Pan Africanism Today (PAT) conference at Winneba hotel in Ghana on Tuesday, Ofei- Nkausah warned that unless the reforms were enforced, the peasant farmers would remain a subject of capital oppression.


He said there had been ideological misconception about the future of the African continent in respect of the capacities to fight imperialism and capitalism, particularly among the students movement of Ghana.


“There has been setbacks in the struggle for the people in different parts of Africa over the question of theoretical and ideological reasons that they cannot struggle. But the more we go back to the basics, you realise that the ups and downs of this struggle can be overcome,” he said.


He explained that it was previously inconceivable to organise small scale farmers who traditionally shared employer/employee relationships with their oppressors. He said the farmers were normally oppressed because they did not have land of their own or inputs to increase their capacity to produce their own food.


He recounted how his union organised and assisted farmers with technical knowhow to produce enough food for themselves.


“We started pushing for agrarian reforms,” he said.

Ofei – Nkausah called for galvanised efforts towards agrarian revolutions around the world.


He emphasised on the need for concerted efforts in dealing with the question of land ownership, which disadvantages the working class under the capitalist system of governance.


Ofei – Nkausah said the means of production needed to be repossed with the farmers for them to produce enough food for their own consumption and sale to sustain their families.