Pilato condemns UPND violence on Tayali

By Staff reporter


Musician and civil rights activist Chama Fumba, whose stage name is Pilato, has castigated the UPND for what he termed applying double standards on issues of violence after its suspected cadres lynched Economic and Equity Party leader Chilufya Tayali today.

In a Facebook post today, Fumba challenged to prove to the people that they were a better political party than the ruling Patriotic Front.

He further asked party members to show that they were better than PF in the way they handled those with divergent views.

“As young people we have a duty to decide what is acceptable and what is not. The leadership of the UPND and of any political party has the responsibility to moderate the behaviour of their followers,” he stated. ‘’When we condemn the behaviour of the PF thugs, we do not do so because we hate the PF, we do so because we subscribe to a superior idea of tolerance and of freedom.”


He stated that political parties that invited others to moral standards should first asses themselves.

Pilato called on the UPND leadership and all political parties to exercise responsibility and moderate the behaviour of their followers.

“When our individual freedoms conflict with those of other people….that’s when the law should come in to mediate. We can’t just go about beating everyone who says what we don’t like” he stated.

“Tayali must be protected by the police who should arrest those thugs that attacked him. The court should be a safe ground for anyone regardless of their political affiliation. Democracy is not just the act of voting, it means that people like Chilufya Tayali and people like myself should be allowed to speak out. Evil is evil even [if] it is done by our friends. Whether the evil is being done by the PF cadres or the UPND cadres it is still evil and must be condemned. ”

 Fumba advised citizens to protect themselves from lawlessness.

He stated that democracy was about exchanging ideas.

“As a young Zambian, a believer in democracy, I strongly condemn the behaviour of the thugs that attacked Chilufya Tayali at court today. As young people we must resist this behaviour and aspire for superior level of engagement. I do not agree with what Chilufya Tayali says, I do not have to like what he says but he has a right and the freedom to express himself,’’ stated Fumba.