Chipata man goes in for ambulance theft

By Staff Reporter

The Chipata magistrates’ court has sentenced a 29 year old man to five years imprisonment for stealing a motor vehicle.

According to court facts, Nathan Phiri of Nabvutika compound and his brother Jackson stole an ambulance valued at K670, 000 belonging to Chipata General Hospital.

Jackson, 24, was however acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence.

During trial, the prosecution called nine witnesses.

And resident magistrate Boniface Mwala said after analysing the prosecution’s evidence, it did not link Jackson to the offence and acquitted him accordingly.

But Magistrate Mwala ruled that the prosecution proved its case against Nathan beyond any reasonable doubt and convicted him accordingly.

Magisrate      Mwala said Nathan didn’t cross examine any witness during trial and that Jackson testified that after his brother stole the ambulance, he was telling his friends that he had found a job in government and that he was now doing fine.