Kalu files nomination for FAZ presidency amid ban speculation

By Staff Reporter
Former Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president and 1988 African Footballer, Kalusha Bwalya this afternoon filed his nomination to contest the association presidency.

Kalusha arrived at the Football House this afternoon with a hood of personal security who refused to be kept outside as he was presenting his nomination papers.

FAZ will hold elective general meeting on March 28, 2020 to elect new office bearers, including that of the association president held by Andrew Kamanga.

Kalusha told reporters after successfully filing the nomination papers that he was concerned about Zambia’s continued slide in its soccer standing on the continent and the world.

He hoped that he would continue to receive the goodwill from the people across the country as he sought to revive the past glory of the country in terms of football.

He hoped that the stakeholders would take stock of how the country was performing and subsequently rated.

“We are where we should not be …… it will be a tragedy if Zambia misses a consecutive third Africa Cup tournament,” he lamented.

Kalusha who is domiciled outside the country said he did no need to live in Zambia to run its football affairs.

“Even players in the national team are playing outside Zambia, we are all Zambians,” he explained himself.

On his previous ban by FIFA contest any elective position in CAF or FAZ following him being found guilty of corruption, Kalusha expressed confidence that he was cleared to participate.

“I will ask you to write to CAF or FIFA, ask them of Kalu is eligible to stand,” said Kalusha without elaborating.

Kalusha was in the 2016 general election in the campaign team of the Patriotic Front and traversed the country to woo support for President Edgar Lungu and the ruling party.