CSOs urges got to come up with measures to win back investor confidence

By Staff Reporter


A Consortium of Civil Society Organisations has advised government to work towards improving the confidence of investors and cooperating partners in markets.

Representing the CSOs, Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) Centre coordinator Chennai Mukumba says this could be done through robust financial management.

Mukumba noted that government should implement the financial oversight reforms, improve transparency on pipeline debt and revise the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework.

She added that the Loans and Guarantees Act and the Planning and Budgeting Bill should be revised and enactment to achieve this objective.

“Secondly, Government needs to implement a genuine austerity budget for 2020 but also begin to undertake austerity measures immediately. Social protection spending to Zambia’s most vulnerable citizens, however, must be protected, meaning that Government must look to cutting emoluments, reducing capital investment (such as suspending plans to launch a national airline), and streamlining social spending where there are opportunities. Examples include continuing to reduce the Food Reserve Agency reserves as well fully rolling out the e-voucher FISP programme,” she noted.

The other CSOs Include; Centre for Trade Policy and Development, Alliance for Community Action, Oxfam, Action Aid, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction and Non-Governmental Gender Organisations Coordinating Council.




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