24,360 small scale farmers in Shibuyunji affected by drought

By Staff Reporter

Shibuyunji District Agriculture Coordinator Victor Ndlovu says the partial drought that has affected most parts of country has not spared Shibuyunji District.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Ndlovu disclosed that the district has 24,360 small scale farmers who are likely to be affected by the partial drought.

He added that about 21,888 hectares belonging to 14, 693 farmers was estimated to be affected this year.

Ndlovu explained that due to Fall Armyworm infestation and partial drought experienced in the district, maize productivity is likely to reduce from 2.2 tonnes per hactare last season to about 1.5 tonnes per hactare this year.

He has since appealed to government to consider allocating Shibuyunji more relief maize.



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