PF is a total fraud – Tembo

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION alliance’s media and finance sub-committee chairperson Sean Tembo says the ruling PF is a total fraud which should be excused from governing.

Speaking on Pan African radio’s News Feedback programme on Monday evening, Tembo, who is also Patriots for Economic Progress president, said while the PF may have the keys to the armoury and State coffers, the opposition parties had the key to Zambians’ hearts and minds.

He noted that he had a lot of confidence in each of the 10 political parties that formed the opposition alliance.

“We introspected as individual opposition political parties and we told ourselves that ‘individually, yes we might be able to ascend to power and properly run the affairs of this republic.’ I believe that each of these political parties are credible and genuinely speak on behalf of the Zambian people,” Tembo said.

“As PeP we saw it wise to join this collection of credible individuals who are able to stand up to this corrupt government, despite the consequences. I can assure you that the consequences are dire because these individuals in the ruling party are very desperate”.

Tembo indicated that the opposition alliance’s leaders understood the consequences of standing up to the PF government but “our desire to serve the Zambian people is greater than the fear or intimidation and harassment by the PF government.”

“They (PF) might have the keys to the Bank of Zambia such that they can get whatever amount of money they need to bribe the voters. They might have the keys to the armoury to fire teargas to the people, to the opposition to prevent us from campaigning. But we have the keys to the hearts and minds of the majority of the Zambian people who realise that the PF and its government are a total fraud and they need to be excused, to be retired in national interest.”

And Tembo pointed out that the opposition alliance could decide to float any of its leaders as a 2021 presidential candidate and that such ought not to bother non-members of the alliance.

“I must mention that if, as an alliance, we decided to make Mr Hakainde Hichilema the President of Zambia, then we would have decided. Where’s the problem? How would that bother any individual who is not a member of the alliance? But as it is right now, we haven’t made any such decision,” he said.

“If any decision is made [on] whether to nominate Mr Hichilema or Honourable Kambwili or Mr Sean Tembo or Mr Elias Chipimo to be the  candidate for 2021, then we shall communicate to the Zambian citizens.”

Tembo added that the members of the opposition alliance were “very experienced and shrewd politicians” who could not start fighting simply because of “cheap PF propaganda.”

“I can assure you that none of those funny statements that the PF is circulating against the alliance will have an effect on the alliance. The alliance is here to stay and we know that the PF is scared of the alliance,” Tembo charged.

“Our message to them is that let them be very scared because we are not here to play games as an alliance; we are here to deliver on the aspirations of the Zambian people.”

He further noted that the opposition alliance’s main objective was not necessarily to dislodge the PF from power.

“Our main objective is to deliver a better Zambia for citizens. Retiring of the PF in the national interest is merely incidental to our ultimate objective. Our objective is to deliver a better Zambia to the citizens of this republic,”

Tembo said while the little that had been done by the PF needed to be appreciated, the PF needed “to be excused.”

“We appreciate the little that they have done; we appreciate the few roads that they have built, although they have built them at four times the price that they should have built them. We appreciate the toll gates that they have built although they built a toll gate at K55 million instead of K1 million or K2 million,” Tembo lamented.

“This alliance is born out of sacrifice! At the time I was forming the Patriots for Economic Progress, I had a lot of ambition – I still do have ambitions to become a President of this republic. But when the time comes to choose the person who is going to represent the alliance in the 2021 general elections and the person who is going to be the running mate in the alliance for 2021 general elections and I’m not among those people, I will still support the alliance.”

He said his desire to be Zambia’s President was far outweighed by the poverty that Zambians were going through.


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