Kambwili tells Lungu to stop using his name in vein

By Staff Reporter

National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant Chishimbwa Kambwili has urged President Edgar Lungu to stop using his name in vein in view of corruption charges slapped against insfratructure development minister Ronald Chitotela.

President Lungu last week refused to fire Chitotela following his arrest for corruption by the Ant-Corruption Commission, saying he was ‘wrongly’ forced to drop Kambwili once he was being investigated for graft. He said despite firing Kambwili almost two years ago, a conviction had not yet been secured and as such he would not fire Chitotela.

In a recording posted on social media yesterday, Kambwili said his dismisal from cabinet should not be used to justify wrong doing.

“Those that they steal with cannot be fired, those that they have nothing to do with it, have to be fired. It is animal farm and it must not be encouraged,” Kambwili said. “I ask  President Lungu to stop using my name in vein. You fired me and  am happy, also fire Chitotela because it is as simple as that”.

He said his  dismissal was water under the bridge but emphasised on the need to respond to morality where those being investigated for graft were dismissed or suspended to allow for unhindered investigations.

“I  don’t think the reference to me by his Excellency, the President over the request to fire Chitotela, I think is out of this world,” he said. “What is supposed to happen to Chitotela should be what happened to other ministers, Emerine Kabanshi, myself, Mwewa during Mr.Sata’s time and many others”.

Kambwili said when a public official was being investigated for corruption, it was immoral to allow them to continue serving in their positions.

“It  is a norm all over the world – it is only integrity that when one is facing corrupt charges, he must even himself step down from the ministry,  but we know what is happening now, it ,is because people want to cover up their corruption,” he said.



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