Magande advises govt on ICC

By Staff Reporter


Government has been challenged to explain the logic in inviting the International Criminal Court (ICC) to Zambia when the Opposition Alliance has already hinted on doing so.

Former Finance Minister Nga’ndu Magande says that he does not think it is necessary for government to send another request to the ICC to investigate complaints against it.

Magande said the Zambian government should instead wait for an opportunity to reply to the accusations that the Opposition Alliance would file with the international court.

In an interview with Q-News, Magande said that the fact that government has agreed to allow the ICC to investigate the allegations by the opposition, all what remains was for the Opposition Alliance to adduce and present its evidence.

He believed the hearing on the matters the Opposition Alliance wants the ICC to investigate will make a very good case study for the country.

Magande said that he was personally frustrated by the kind of violence that was recently exhibited in Sesheke.

And Minister of Justice Given Lubinda has disclosed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has not been presented with any matter concerning the security of the country from the Opposition Alliance.

Lubinda revealed that after engagement with the ICC, no single matter has been issued to the ICC or the Regional African Court over the state of the country.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, the minister stated that when the opposition does that, government will follow the laid down procedures to address the matter.

Lubinda has since urged the Opposition Alliance to be at liberty to report their grievances but that they should equally follow the correct channels.

He has challenged the Opposition United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema to present evidence of his attempted assassination by President Lungu and other allegations or render an apology to the Head of State.

He emphasized that President Lungu had no intentions to assassinate anyone.

Lubinda noted that government was not against the dialogue process.

“President Edgar Lungu is willing to dialogue with anybody if only people came in sincerity,” he said.

Lubinda stated that government was concerned over the growing phenomenon of electoral violence in the country.

He said government would do everything possible to curb the rising political violence.

Recently the Opposition Alliance threatened to report President Lungu, government officials and PF cadres to the ICC over the political violence experienced in the just ended Sesheke by-elections.





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