Kampyongo should be dismissed immediately – Dr Musumali

Socialist Party General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali has demanded for an immediate dismissal of Home Affairs minister Stephen Kampyongo for orchestrating sustained attacks on Dr M’membe’s home in Shiwang’andu district, Muchinga Province.

Dr Musumali said the fear of Dr M’membe was driving those in leadership to undertake actions that they would one day regret.

“You are in power today, it’s not forever, power ends. Zambia will still be there. Unfortunately, whatever you do is being recorded its being documented, its being disseminated,” reminded President Lungu. “This is a struggle if we can’t finish it ourselves our children our grandchildren will finish it for us. Those in authority be wise save this country, you are not being wise, you are not serving this country”.

Dr Musumali demanded for the immediate dismissal of Kampyongo and return of all stolen items and restoration of all broken fittings to the property.


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