Chipimo resigns as NAREP president 

By Staff Reporter

National Restoration Party president Elias Chipimo has stepped down as party president.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka this morning Chipimo said he stepped down as NAREP with immediate effect after an agonizing discussion with his inner self.

“I cannot say this was my life before I found my Christian calling and none of this would have been possible without a firm faith and belief that I am on this earth to serve a mighty and awesome God who will go before me even on my new path. If I, a sinner, can change, so can all the politicians that have given Christianity lip service and violated every tenet of faith during their time in leadership.The sacrifice I have made towards building and developing a new culture of politics based on issues and ideas not insults; vision and values and not vague and valueless promises will not have been in vain if there are others to take on the mantle of moral leadership that I have worked so hard to foster. I have not always succeeded. I have fallen short. I have often let down my team when they needed me most. I have often found the task of having to pretend I can bring change in order to win hearts and minds too taxing for my sense of integrity,” said Chipimo.

He said he would remain prepared to offer advice and guidance in any capacity that will benefit the nation without compromising his principles and values.

Chipimo added that he remained concerned about unemployed youths who have been abandoned by an education system that could not prepare them for the life they are entering, mothers struggling to trade goods at the market and neglected rural farmers whose lives depend on seasonality of crops that gave only paltry yields.

“NAREP will be led in the interim by our vice president administration, Mr. Charles Maboshe who will serve as acting NAREP President until a substantive office bearer is appointed. Charles has been my vice president for the past 10 years and is a man full of wisdom and God’s grace. Few other parties can claim to have had such a stable team at the top for such a long period of time. This is testament to the values we hold dear that transcend our politics. The search for a permanent successor has already begun and at the right time, an announcement will be made according to the timetable that will be determined by those tasked with leading NAREP. I ask that you give them all the support they need and bear with them as they make their own mistakes and forge their own successes.As I woke up to prepare this statement, I was greeted with the sad news of the passing of my younger brother’s father in law in the early hours of this morning. Only a few hours earlier I had received news of the birth of the NAREP Secretary-General’s second child. Reflecting on this and realising also that I would be celebrating my 54th birthday tomorrow (September 3rd) I could not help but see a connection with the current stage of my own journey: death and new life. We mourn the one and celebrate the other because as they say in Bemba: “pafwa bantu, pashala bantu”. The circle of life continues and requires us to mourn our losses and move forward with hope; for without hope, we can really have nothing to live for,” he said

He mentioned that he will be moving on to develop major opportunities in the private sector in four key connected areas: (i) agricultural diversification through the development of the growing of essential oil crops primarily for export; (ii) technology spread into rural communities for ease of inclusion of vulnerable groups using commercially viable solutions; (iii) energising rural areas with power solutions that are innovative, affordable, available and appropriate so as to achieve more than 60% rural connectivity within the next 10 years; and finally, (iv) contributing to the development of a structured mentorship ecosystem to support local entrepreneurs at all levels of development.

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